Welcome to JoBase.
JoBase is aimed at beginner coders who want to have fun making games with Python. Click on our about page to learn more about JoBase. When you are ready, follow the steps below to prepare your computer for JoBase. Once you have completed all the steps, you are ready to start coding! Our set of tutorials will get you started even if you don't know anything about code.
Step 1: Download Python
This is the most difficult step so please take your time.

Find the Python Downloads page or click the link here. On the screen you will see a download button. Don't press this button because it downloads the latest version of Python 3.9. Sometimes JoBase doesn't work on this version. Scroll down the page until you get the option to download other versions and click on the Python 3.8.6 button. See the screenshot here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under the Files heading, click on the executable installer for your computer. In my case, I downloaded the Windows 64-bit executable installer. Remember that x86 also means 32-bit. Please look at the screenshot here. Save the executable file and wait for it to download.

When you have downloaded the executable installer, run it. A new window should appear. BEFORE you press the Install Now button, tick the box that says Add Python to PATH. Your screen should look like this. Once you have done that, click Install Now and then YES. Python will start installing. This may take a while. Once Python has been successfully installed, you can take a break.

Congratulations! You have completed Step 1.

Step 2: Install JoBase
Now it's time to install JoBase.

Open the Command Prompt on your computer. It's a black screen with white text. You can find it by typing cmd into your computer's search bar. Once you've opened it, type the following command into the terminal.

pip install JoBase
Make sure you type the J and B in capitals. Press ENTER and wait for JoBase to install. The command terminal should look similar to this. Because all operating systems are different, your command terminal may vary from the image.

If there aren't any errors (shown in red) then JoBase has been sucessfully installed.

If you have problems when installing JoBase, you may need to run the command terminal as administrator. To do this, open the command terminal by right clicking and selecting Run as administrator instead of just clicking on it.

You have completed all the installation steps. Please visit our tutorials page to get started with JoBase.